Chartered Industrial Psychologists

Online Testing Links

Computer and Internet Requirements

For the online assessments you will need to ensure your computer is compliant with the following requirements or you may not be able to complete the assessments:

  1. Have your Pop-up Blocker turned OFF
  2. Ensure you have JavaScript ENABLED
  3. To minimise webpage loading times we recommend you complete the assessments on a broadband connection (not dial-up) with a minimum connection speed of 1 mbps.

Should you possess a smart phone and are considering completing any of the tests on these, we cannot guarantee the test sites are optimised for you doing this and it may take longer than on a standard PC or Mac.

In addition, if you are completing any timed ability tests online, we strongly recommend you do not complete them on a smart phone as this could seriously impact on your ability to do your best.

Standardised Testing Conditions

We like to offer the flexibility of on-line testing to candidates, as we understand the difficulty of getting several hours off work to complete assessments. To maximise the accuracy and utility of your results we highly recommend that you follow the standardised testing conditions below.

  • The room is well lit, ventilated and at a comfortable temperature
  • You are in a well rested and calm state
  • The room is quiet enough to concentrate and there are no major distractions
  • You have allowed enough time to sit each assessment in one sitting
  • You have turned your mobile phone off for the duration of testing
  • You read the instructions about each assessment prior to beginning them

If you cannot meet these conditions, we recommend that you consider completing the assessments at another time or place.

Instructions for Personality Questionnaires

The following general instructions apply to all the personality assessments, please read carefully:

  • Remember for personality assessments there are no right or wrong answers, as there is no right or wrong personality.
  • All good personality questionnaires have “fake good” scales included in them, this means that they measure any attempt to manipulate or ‘fake’ the data in order to create an overly favourable or false impression of your attributes and abilities.
  • Please note if the "fake good" scale is too elevated, it will invalidate the assessment results and you will have to re-sit the assessment.
  • Please be as honest and candid as possible in your responses.
  • When the questions use the words “always” or “never”, take it literally - if you ever have, even once, then answer “True” or “False” appropriately.
  • Try to complete any single assessment in one sitting and do it on your own in a quiet room with no major distractions.
Online Testing Links

Please refer back to your email from Niche for the links to the specific tests you have been asked to complete. There will be links for these in the email.

Alternatively you can click on the below links to get instructions about taking each test: