Chartered Industrial Psychologists

How do I prepare to take assessments?

Client organisations tend to have specific assessments they utilise and these may even vary for different levels of roles. The administrator will inform you of the assessments you are required to complete.

In most cases, clients will request that candidates will do one or more ability tests, personality profiles and in some instances behavioural exercise(s). Although in some instances only a personality profile may be required. We will also gain your consent to undertake the assessment process and understand what will happen to your information.

Ability Tests

If you are required to do timed ability tests most of these can be done online unsupervised. Follow these guidelines to do your best:

  • It is very important when doing these tests without supervision that you ensure you follow the instructions
  • Take the ability test without any interruption - most of these tests are timed and you will be disadvantaged if you do not use all the time allowed.
  • It is recommended you only complete timed ability tests on PCs or larger screens, most of these tests are not optimised for mobile screens.
  • If you take the ability test on a mobile phone it is likely you will not be able to see the questions and answers properly which could seriously hinder your ability to do well on these types of timed tests.
  • You should advise the administrator if there are any factors which may influence or prejudice your performance such as, ill-health and work pressure, and this will be noted when interpreting the results.
Personality Questionnaires

Generally, most personality questionnaires can be done in your own time and are administered online. You may be sent a link to do these, and most often there is a log-on and passwords required to take the assessment.

While personality assessments are not timed, you still need to concentrate and therefore you should try to do the assessment uninterrupted.

It is best to be honest and not over think the questions.

How to prepare for personality assessments
How can I Prepare Myself?

Completing assessments can be both physically and mentally tiring. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself prior to completing the assessments:

  • Be well rested - Make sure you have plenty of sleep and rest before the ability assessment session. This will help you perform well and feel alert and ready to undertake the timed tests.
  • Try to be calm - Some of the ability tests may feel similar to sitting an exam at school. Prior to the beginning of the timed test, take your time to get ready, read all the instructions and ensure you understand how to complete the test correctly. If completing at home or in the office, try to ensure you have not interruptions.
  • Be honest – When completing personality assessments, you may be tempted to answer as you believe we might like you to answer. However, there are measures built into personality assessments to ensure you have been honest and candid in your answering. These measures pick up if someone has “faked” the assessment by trying to make themselves out to be “Saint-like” with no weaknesses. If the “fake” measure is elevated, we will require you to re-sit the questionnaire and answer the questions more candidly.
  • Ask Questions - Do not be afraid to ask questions about any aspects of the assessment procedure or tests.
Do I get a copy of my assessment results?

Niche Consulting will provide you with feedback on your assessment results. For most assessments your feedback will be provided in the form of a computerised feedback report, although you can have the opportunity to discuss this report with a psychologist.

In some situations, such as for personal development, your feedback may take the form of a feedback conversation where you get to discuss the results of your assessment with a psychologist.

You are entitled to request a correction to the assessment information if you believe the assessment information is incorrect. You generally will not receive a copy of the client assessment report as this information falls under the Evaluative materials clause in the Privacy Act.

You will be asked to consent to the process and the exact way the results will be provided to you will be outlined when you complete the consent form.