Chartered Industrial Psychologists

Leadership Assessments

At Niche we specialise in senior leadership assessments. The leaders of an organisation set the tone and have a large impact on culture and engagement of employees. Selecting leaders who will bring out the best in people and empower them can make the organisation a great place to work. Selecting leaders that can make strategic decisions as well as spot opportunities for the business has a high return on investment.

What could a leadership assessment cover?

For high level leadership roles, we recommend a battery of assessments which cover some or all of the following:

We have developed many senior leadership norms for some of the ability and personality assessments we recommend for senior leadership roles. We can fully customise our reporting to your organisations needs and competencies.

At Niche we have assessed many candidates for roles such as CEO, GM, Senior Executives and CFO across many industries. We have a good grasp of the attributes a good senior leader should possess to be highly successful.

Recent international examples have shown how narcistic and self-centred leaders can change cultures and derail organisations or even countries.