Chartered Industrial Psychologists

Interest Inventories

Career and interest inventories are types of psychometric assessments used to measure a person's interests in different occupational areas. Most often interest inventories are used in career analysis to assist in finding areas where an individual has strong interests and therefore is more likely to enjoy the work.

Interest Inventories can answer questions like:
  • “What am I strongly interested in compared to others?” 
  • “Where do my interests coincide with interests of those already in a profession?” 
  • “Do I have a gap between my interest and skill in a career?” 
  • "Are there interests that I have that could be turned into possible careers?"
Our interests can help us identify new career directions

Interest inventories can be used alongside or combined with personality assessments to give people a strong indication of the types of careers they would “fit” well with.

Career interests can be used alongside skills assessments to ascertain where an individual may want to explore different careers and uncover potential training needs.

What Interest Inventories and Assessments are There?

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory compares an individual’s interests with those of others in a wide variety of occupations. It can aid in making long term vocational plans and has been organised according to Holland’s theory of occupational types.

Strong and MBTI Career Report

The purpose of the assessment is to help individuals better understand themselves and expand their career options. Both instruments provide information that can be used to better understand the connection between their interests, preferences and work environment.

The Strong matches your interests with six types of work environments and the MBTI assessment describes your personality type and matches it with types of work. Together the assessments give detailed information on the types of career fields and occupations that might suit a person based on their interests and personality type.

Campbell's Interest and Skill Survey

This is a self-report measure of skills and interests which can assist individuals to identify different occupations that may be of interest. By measuring both skills and interest the tool can give an indication of areas that are good to pursue (high interest, high ability), avoid (low interest, low ability), explore (low interest, high ability), or develop (high interest, low ability).