Ability Assessments

Tests of ability are designed to assess different intellectual abilities such as verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning, under time pressure. The following items are taken from a variety of ability tests. 

The correct answers are given at the end of this guide.  Generally before each test starts, you will be asked to try three or four practice questions to ensure you understand what is required of you.


A) Pick the next number in this sequence - 6,   9,   12,   15,   18,   ____

B) Circle the word that means the same or about the same as LARGE:

Bright              Small               Toy                  Big

C) Paper sells for 31 cents per pad.  What will 7 pads cost?

D) Read the following Facts and look at each Conclusion.

For each conclusion circle whether the conclusion is:  

True (T)    OR      False (F)      OR Uncertain (X)


Chris works only as a welder
Terry works for Company B
Chris’ only child is a girl
Company A makes automotive parts
Company B employs no welders


(i) Chris does not work for Company B




(ii) Chris’ son is ill        




(iii) Chris works for Company C 





A) 21               
B) Big              
C) 217 cents or $2.17               
D (i) T              D(ii) F                D(iii) X


Should you wish to practice more ability tests follow the link below to:

The Testing Centre Website or

SHL Practice Items


Assessments of Personality and Style 

  • There are many different types of personality questionnaires. 
  • Personality questionnaires do not have time limits and do not have right or wrong answers. 
  • They may include questions similar to the following examples.
  • In personality questionnaires there are measures that are designed to detect faking or validity of an individual's test responses.

Examples of Personality Assessment Items:

Personality Items - Sample One

Look at each statement below and rate yourself according to the scales (1-5) ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

1. Strongly Disagree
2. Disagree  
3. Unsure   
4. Agree    
5. Strongly Agree

Answer (1-5)

a) I can usually let myself go and enjoy myself at a lively party.


b) I like to complete a single job or task before taking on others.


c) If someone tells me something, I assume they are correct.


Personality Items - Sample Two

If you agree with the following statement, or feel it is true of you, answer TRUE (T).  If you disagree with a statement, or feel that it is not true about you, answer FALSE (F):

1) A person needs to “show off” a little now and then.


2) It is hard for me to start a conversation with a stranger.


3) I have a tendency to give up easily when I meet difficult problems.


Should you wish to learn more about personality asessments and how to approach them follow the link below to:

The Testing Centre Website

Answers to Personality Questions

There are no right or wrong answers to the personality tests; we are looking for patterns and how you answer compared to others on the scales or preferences. 

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