Many organisations often use psychometric assessments, including ability tests and personality assessments, to find more about an individual and their strengths andPsychological assessments measures people's strengths and development areas development areas.  Psychological assessment provides an objective and scientifically tested method to measure personal preferences and are recommended as part of a “best practice” recruitment process. 

Assessment can also be used to assist in identifying development needs, career options and future potential of an individual.  As such assessments may also be used by organisations to assist in career planning, succession planning, leadership development and personal development initiatives.

In recruitment situations, assessments are typically used as part of the selection process alongside the other methods such as:Many assessment methods are used when selecting employees, psychological assessment is one of these

  • CV screening and qualifications fit
  • Interview
  • Referee checking
  • Skills assessments
  • Drug and alcohol testing

While interviews and referee checking provides both objective and subjective information about you (i.e. descriptions, observations and opinions from other people which are not necessarily true), psychological assessment information is mostly free from subjective bias.  Your results will be compared to a large sample of other people who are in similar roles and therefore your results will be interpreted with this comparison in mind.

Organisations use this combination of all recruitment information from different sources, including psychometric assessment, to build up a broad picture of your abilities, fit with an organisation and team, and work preferences. Fairness is important in assessments

Assessments are part of a legally defensible recruitment process which ensures candidates are treated fairly and have equal opportunities to do well in the process.  For instance, if an individual is less assertive and may not interview confidently, their assessment results may determine that they have the competencies to do the role.

As all candidates going through a recruitment process will be asked the same questions in the assessments and be compared to the same norms, each has a fair and equal opportunity to perform to their best.  

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